Stella Roberts Recycling Center

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday (closed Sunday) - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


5800 Magnolia
Pearland, Texas 77584
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City of Pearland Disposal Website:

Recycling Center Coordinator: Wes Shows

Household Hazardous Materials and Electronic Waste

Pearland residents with curbside trash pickup should take advantage of the At Your Door service.  

To participate, residents MUST contact

the Waste Management Call Center to schedule the collection date/time.


Call Center Hours: Monday – Friday 6am to 6pm

Email –

Since January 2009, the Stella Roberts Recycling Center has been collecting a fee from non-residents of $50 per 100 lbs for Household Hazardous Waste and $20 per 100 lbs for electronics.  

- Residents include citizens of Pearland and Brazoria County

- Non-resident vouchers must be purchased at the Pearland Parks and Recreation Center located at 4141 Bailey Rd., Pearland, TX 77584. Credit cards are accepted for vouchers; office hours are 7:30a.m. to 5:30p.m. Monday through Friday and their phone number is 281-412-8900.

Frequent Recycler: In a partnership with the City of Pearland Stella Roberts Recycling Center and sponsored by Emma's Mex Grill the frequent recyclers program rewards those who visit the center frequently.  Frequent Recyclers cards are available to visitors to the Recycling Center that bring their paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, metal cans, glass and plastic to the Center to be recycled.  The premise of the program is very simple; reward folks who recycle consistently and frequently. Customers will be given a card when they visit the Center and each visit after that the card will be punched. When the card has been punched 6 times the customer will be asked to fill in their name, address and phone number and turn the card into the recycling center staff. Once a quarter a name will be drawn and the winner will receive a gift certificate to the Olive Garden Restaurant in Pearland. The Olive Garden is located at 2808 Smith Ranch Rd. Pearland, TX 77584 and their phone number is 713-436-2813. Ask one of the center employees for a frequent recycler card today!

Got a Question?
Call 281-652-1659
(In the Pearland City Limits)
All Plastics 1-5 and 7 (NO #6 polystyrene-including styrofoam)
No Plastic Bags
Telephone books
Printer and Copier paper
Mail (junk mail)
Chipboard (like a cereal box)
Colored and Clear Glass Aluminum Cans
Steel Cans
Steel Lids
Recycling Center All Plastics 1-5 and 7 (NO #6 polystyrene-including styrofoam)
No Plastic Bags
White office/copy paper
Computer bar paper
Junk mail/magazines 
Phone books
Chipboard (like a cereal box)
Colored and Clear Glass

Aluminum Cans
Steel Cans
Steel Lids
Scrap Metal
Large & Small Appliances

The Pearland Recycling Center accepts Household Hazardous Materials and Electronics on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Items accepted include:

Flammables such as oil based paint
paint products and refinishers
Oxidizers such as pool chemicals
Corrosives such as acids and certain cleansers
Batteries (including Alkaline)
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Motor oil, filters and cooking oil
Latex paint
Printer Cartridges
Cell Phones

Please check residency requirements described above the table, the Parks and Recreation Office only sells vouchures (M-F: see above).  

For more information on what items they will take, call the recycle center at 281-489-2795